Irritable Bowel.


They all suck.


Crohn’s Disease and inflammatory bowel disorders are debilitating. 

These conditions disrupt our biological functioning, harm self-image and can make everyday tasks seem near impossible.


Crohn’s disease and IBD are characterised by symptoms such as restless bowels, abdominal pain, bleeding, nausea and fatigue. In more severe cases, it may lead to malnutrition and delayed growth.

Flare-ups and symptoms can be embarrassing (we know first hand). Social outings can revolve around what your is doing at any given time, and being within easy access to bathroom facilities can be difficult and anxiety inducing.

A hurting body can create a hurting mind.

Crohn's Disease can be especially detrimental to our mental health. One study confirmed that of those diagnosed with Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, 55% reported mild anxiety symptoms, and 41% disclosed mild depression symptoms.

Treatment options are often invasive, physically and emotionally taxing, and bring with them serious adverse effects. A lack of public knowledge surrounding Crohn's Disease can make us feel isolated, and stop us from seeking social supports.

Crohn's and Cannabis go hand in hand.

Let's face it folks. For those of us in the Crohn's community, we've got slim pickings when it comes to relief for our symptoms. Regular non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) can trigger painful flare ups and relapse, and heavier alternatives can leave us foggy, tired and constipated.

So what are our options?

For Crohn's pain management to be effective, it must be 3 things:

1. Easily absorbed

2. Easily maintained

3. Easy on our gastrointestinal system.

“I’m not going to sugar coat it; Crohn’s Disease is a real kick in the guts … and then some.”

Hey there, I'm Dan Riches, co-founder of Trifecta Health Co and I've battled Crohn’s for the past 10 years. Over the years, trying to find pain relief for Crohn's has left me frustrated, exhausted and disheartened.


I've had six major surgeries, multiple exploratory surgeries, tried countless remedies to treat Crohn's and I have scars all over my abdomen as a legacy to it. 

Managing pain is a daily battle, however it can be a great motivator. 

I became fed up with what wasn't working, so I started eliminating traditional pain relief methods that either didn't work or had side effects making them not suitable for long-term use.

At this juncture, I began exploring real alternatives and became focused on natural therapies with nutritional connections to Crohn's Disease. Now, I'm not and never have been exclusively into natural remedies, but I believe that evidence-based solutions can help to relieve pain without the awful side effects that I had become so used to. 


So here I am sharing with you my best mate to fight against pain, Terpenes. Terpenes relieves my pain, helps me sleep and focus as well as being a natural product with zero side effects. 


My daily battle with pain is over, and I want to help your daily battle with pain be over too. 

So where do terpenes come in?

Terpenes and cannabinoids trigger physiological responses by attaching to neurotransmitters in the brain and CB2 receptors in the body. Think of it as a key-in-lock scenario. Terpenes, once ingested, cross our blood-brain barrier and attach to neurotransmitters. This overrides our body's innate response to inflammation.

So what does that mean for inflammatory bowel conditions?

Terpenes and cannabinoids regulate inflammation in the colon, small and large intestines by dampening smooth-muscular irritation and suppressing cytokines (proteins that cause overproduction of inflammatory cells). This allows us to have control over the cellular pathways that lead to inflammation and pain.